• 285-420015 Steering Assembly

  • $5.00


Steering Assembly

 Shock Tower with Lower Body Mount Assembly, and The Steering Assembly.

  • Follow the instructions in the FAQ.. here.. http://litehawkshop.ca/pages/gobi-guides  ..to remove both of the Front Upper Suspension Arms. You can leave the arm attached to the Wheel assembly, and the Wheel assembly can be left attached to the Lower Suspension Arms.  Remove the Suspension Arm Hinge Pins from the Upper Suspension Arms, and lift to the side. You want to remove the entire Shock Tower/Lower Body Mount Assembly from the Chassis.

  • Now remove the four screws holding the Shock Tower and Lower Body Mount Assembly, and lift it out.

  • To gain access to the Steering Assembly, remove the six screws holding down the Upper Chassis Plate. Remove the two screws holding the two Steering Link Arms to the Steering Assembly. Remove the Link attaching the Servo Horn to the Steering Assembly. Lift the Upper Chassis Plate and set aside.

  • Carefully lift out the Steering Assembly. Take note of the Steering Pins, and their location for reassembly.

  • Reassembly in reverse order.