• 285-410008 MINIs ESC

  • $5.00


This the Electronic Speed Control for the LiteHawk MINI series - BLAST and CRUSHER.

 Accessing the ESC , Battery and Steering Motor

  Take note of where the antenna hole is, and remove the 4 screws holding the ESC cover on, and carefully lift away.  This will also free the rear end from the front chassis as well so be carefull that it doesn't drop, all that is holding it are the two rear motor wires.


   Remove the single screw that holds the ESC to the Chassis and Lift aside. To completely remove the ESC, you will need to de-solder the motor wires from the board.  Turn the ESC. over to see the Battery. Take note of the Start Switch hole. You will need to de-solder the Battery if it needs replacing.