• 285-3468 OPTIX VGA WiFi Module

  • $25.00



This is the OPTIX AUTOMAX Optical Camera Card, for the Camera Module. 

Removing the Camera Pod  

   Your Camera Pod is removable. If you are not using the Camera, you can remove it to reduce weight and power consumption. This will give you a little more flight time.

  • Start by taking the camera wires out of the catch that secures the wires out of the way. Then very carefully remove the camera wire connector from the drone chassis. I use a small flat edge screw driver to loosen the connector from the chassis, so that You don't pull on the wires.


  • It is easier to release with the Battery Door open, although it will release with it closed too. 
  • Now Press down Firmly on the Camera Module Catch to release the Camera pod , and slide the pod off of the Battery door at the same time.
  • To reattach, just slide the Pod back on until you hear it click in place. Then Carefully plug the pod back in. Make sure that it is oriented the correct way so no pins get bent. A set of tweezers is really handy for this. Tip: Give your wire harness a twist or two so that the wires aren't hanging out all sloppy, looking for a stray branch to snag it.


  •  Now you can remove the 5 screws securing the Lid to the Camera Module. Then lift and set aside. The Camera Card can now be removed, it isn't secured by anything else.