• 285-3434 LENS - Replacement Rotor Blades

  • $4.00


Quick Tip - White blades and LED lights in the front with red blades and LED lights at the rear. This helps you know which is the front and which is the rear!

Replacing Rotor Blades:

Your LENS comes equipped with a Rotor Blade Guard. It will help prevent damage to the rotor blades from light bumps into large surfaces. It will not keep out smaller obstructions, like small plants, or the dreaded bush and tree branches. At some point you will have to change a Rotor Blade.

1/ Pinch the Rotor Blade between your finger and thumb, while holding the motor pod with your other hand, and gently but firmly pinch/pull the Blade off.

2/ You must replace the Rotor Blade with an identical one. The right and left blades are pitched at an angle that is opposite of each other, so that the Drone can fly and hover. The correct one must be replaced or it won't fly, it will just flip over. They are marked with an A or B marking on the under side of the Rotor Blade.

3/ Just press the new Blade on firmly, and give it a little flick with your finger to make sure that it spins freely.