• 285-3423 FOCUS / LENS - Replacement USB Charger

  • $5.00


Charging notes:

You should expect 5-8 min run time. However you do need to make sure to properly maintain your Li-Po Battery.

- Li-Po batteries don’t like to be run down too low. If the voltage is dropped dramatically they will be damaged and will not recharge! Once the model starts to slow (or the battery level indicator on the screen reads low), fly your model to a safe place, and unplug the battery from the drone.
- It is recommend to charge the battery after your run and to always store the battery with a charge. Never discharge or dead short a Li-Po battery!

- Always have your model battery unplugged and controller turned off when not in use.

1. Insert the battery into the USB charger.
2. Plug the USB Charger into a USB port (TV, Computer, etc.)
3. The USB charger led lights up in red when charging. Once the battery is fully charged, the led goes out. The battery takes about 90 minutes to charge.