• 285-3386 HIGH ROLLER MINI R2 - Cage Section

  • $5.00


Outer Cage Section for your LiteHawk HIGH ROLLER MINI Radio 2. 

Two of these Cage Sections and Six Cage Connector Shafts, and you have a perfect protection system for a small Drone. Ideal for a new pilot to learn on.

The easiest way to remove a broken Cage Half is to carefully cut it away. It is very difficult to remove these shafts by pinching and pulling them out.. more damage to the cage itself will happen, from over stressing the thin plastic of the cage. Then just snap the Cage Connectors back into the New Cage Half.

Make sure that your radio controller looks like the one shown, parts are specific and match up with the controller used.

If your controller looks different, you have HR MINI Radio 1 and those parts are right here!