• 285-3383 HIGH ROLLER MINI Radio 2 - Back Left and Front Right Replacement Motors

  • $7.00


LiteHawk HIGH ROLLER MINI Radio 2 - Back Left and Front Right Replacement Motors

Replacement motors for "#1" blades (front left and back right) on your LiteHawk HIGH ROLLER MINI 2. Motors need to be soldered to the ESC. The wires come presoldered, ready to apply to the ESC with a little heat from a soldering gun... easy job!  Note the wires are Black and White.

To gain access to the motor:

  • Remove the Drone from the protective ball.
  • Remove the Rotor Blades from the Motor or Motors that you are changing out.

  • Remove the eight screws from the bottom of the Body, and carefully separate the Body halves.


  • At this point you can desolder the Motor wires from the ESC and lift out the Motor. Solder in your new Motor. Reinstall in reverse order.


    Make sure that your radio controller looks like the one shown, parts are specific and match up with the controller used.

    If your controller looks different, you have HR MINI Radio 1 and those parts are right here>>>>