• 285-3309 - HIGH ROLLER MINI R1 - Stainless Steel Pipe

  • $3.00


For use with HIGH ROLLER MINI Radio 1

Make sure that your radio controller looks like the one shown, parts are specific and match up with the controller used.

If your controller looks different, you have HR MINI Radio 2 and those parts are right here!

 LiteHawk HIGH ROLLER MINI - How to remove from the cage for repairs

If you have repairs that you would like to do too your LiteHawk High Roller Mini, you can remove it from the Cage to make your repairs easier.
With one hand hold every thing in the cage to one side, and with the other hand gently pull the other side of the cage... stretching the cage out until the roller rod is out of its hub.
You can remove the chrome spacers now, so that you don't lose them, you can remove the carbon roller rod now, if you want, as well... or not.
Manipulate the Mini out of the Cage through one of the center square holes.
After your repairs just follow the steps in reverse and you are all set!