• 285-2233 CHAMPION - 2.4 Ghz Controller

  • $25.00


 The CHAMPION Transmitter/Controller is a 2.4 Ghz radio system, which allows you to play without the fear of ever losing control! Race or play with countless other drivers. The range of your boat is approximately 250ft which, due to its small size, is in excess of normal vision. The farther the boat goes away from you the smaller it will become and the harder it will be to determine the boat’s direction We suggest you drive at a distance between 20ft-50ft, this keeps your boat within a safe operational distance.

LiteHawk CHAMPION - Binding the Receiver and Transmitter:
If for some reason your boat is not connected with your Transmitter make sure you are turning the Transmitter (Pistol Grip radio) on first and then plug the battery into the boat.


If this doesn’t solve the issue you will need to bind the Transmitter to the boat’s receiver.

- Switch on the Transmitter, making sure the indicator light is red.

- Plug in the battery into the boat. The Receivers power button will be red.

- Press down the BIND button on the boat’s receiver. 


- The receiver’s green light will turn on to indicate that the binding has been successful.

- The boat should now accept inputs from the transmitter.
If you were unsuccessful in binding the boat to the Transmitter unplug the battery in the boat and turn off the radio. Then repeat the binding process.