• 285-2231 CHAMPION - Flex shaft set

  • $7.00


  This is a one piece hardened spring steel shaft with a threaded end for the propeller and brass shaft fittings.  A Ny-Loc Nut to secure your prop to the Shaft. A rubber shaft housing to fit between the hull and the rudder, that has the flexibility to allow the rudder full turning ability while housing the flexible drive shaft, and still keep the water out.

 After the 2nd or 3rd time you use your boat. You should lubricate your flex /drive shaft for smooth running and keeping the shaft tube water tight. You will need 2 10mm wrenches. The Champion has a metal double nut coupler with a single grub screw attaching it to the motor shaft. Leave the grub screw alone unless removing the motor.


you need 2 wrenches to loosen the nuts, then totally loosen off the nuts.


 Grasp the propeller and carefully pull the shaft out of the coupler, and about 3/4 of the way out of the boat.


Wipe off any old grease, and apply a small dab of axle, or marine grease to the flex shaft and spread it over the length.. it doesn't take very much at all.


Then reassemble in reverse order, fully inserting the shaft back into the coupler and tightening it back up. You should be all ready for you next run!

 LiteHawk CHAMPION- Replacing the Two Bladed Propeller:

  You will need an 7mm wrench to remove Ny-Loc Nut that holds the Propeller on to the Flex shaft. This Nylon Prop has solid position locks that match a brass fitting on the Flex Shaft. The Propeller will spin true with the same speed of the Motor shaft.