• 285-2036 CHAMP - Flex Shaft

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LiteHawk CHAMP - Flex Shaft Maintenance/Removal
Lubricating the flexshaft is vital to the life of the drivetrain. The lubricant also acts as a water seal, keeping water from entring the hull through the stuffing tube. Lubricate the flexshaft and propeller shaft after every 2-3 times that you operate your LiteHawk CHAMP.
1/ When you look inside the boat you will notice a silver coupling attaching the motor set-up to the flex shaft.
2/ With the included hex keys loosen the hex screws gripping the flex shaft .
3/ There are three hex screws, loosen the two towards the back of the boat, these two hold the flex shaft.. the other hex screw holds the coupler to the motor shaft.
4/ First remove the Propeller from the flex shaft, then loosen the two hex screws holding the flex shaft to the coupler, now you can pull the flex shaft out the back of the boat.
5/ Once exposed you can apply a small amount of grease to keep it in smooth running condition.
6/ Simply push back in and tighten up the hex screws when done, and reinstall the prop.