• 285-1280 SKYLINER - Wing Set

  • $20.00


  This one piece EPO Foam Wing Set complete with motors and props designed to push this SKYLINER through the air so easily. The left "B" motor turns its prop Counter Clockwise, and the right "A" motor turns its prop Clockwise. This keeps the plane stable and will carry the plane to great heights. The Wing also houses the ESC/Receiver (Electronic Speed Control) in its protective central wing section, which are the brains necessary keep it following your choice of flight path. All connectors and attachments  necessary to attach to the body are all included and all set up, for a quick and easy replacement if necessary.

  Attaching your Wing to the Fuselage section couldn't be easier. First, attach the servo connection in the Fuselage to the plug in the Wing, which will attach it to the ESC. Fold the excess wire up and tuck it into the open space just behind the servo unit in the Fuselage, it will rest just under the Wing.


  There is a metal bracket that will fit into the rear opening in the bottom of the Fuselage. There is a solid plastic mount for that metal bracket to brace against, and will hold the Wing securely when the front has been fixed closed with the screw that goes in front center of the wing to a plastic attachment in the Fuselage. Once the screw is secured, snug, not so tight that you strip the plastic it is screwed to, you are ready to install your battery in the compartment in the Wing.


  Make sure that the start switch is always off until you are ready to fly. Just open the battery door up, connect the fully charged battery carefully. When connecting or disconnecting, please don't pull on the wires, they can break. Only pull at the connectors to separate them.


  Now tuck the battery and then the wires and connector folded on top of the battery, into the spot made for the battery. When putting the battery in the spot for the battery is a tiny bit small for the batteries length. that is on purpose. Foam will safely stretch a bit, and if you press one end of the battery into a spot made for it towards the front of the compartment, the back end will seem to sit on a small wall of foam and stick up. Instead, press the one end of the battery into that little wall, stretching it back a tiny bit while you press the front into that spot that is made so perfect for an end of the battery. That wall acts like a little spring that will hold the battery securely while in flight, even if the door should accidently open.


  With the battery door sealed up, you are all ready to do a preflight and go.