• 285-1262 ZOOM 2 Landing Gear


  • $2.00 $4.00


Flexable Wire Landing Gear with Plastic Hubs and Rubber Wheels. Perfect for those asphalt/concrete takeoffs and landings.

- You need to put your wheels on your ZOOM 2, with the single wheel up front and the double wheels towards the rear of the fuselage.

- Take the single, front wheel and orient it so when inserted it will angle forward towards the propeller.
- Now squeeze the upper wire prongs and insert in the forward slot on the bottom of the fuselage.
- Carefully press in until flush with the body, and the wheel is angled towards the front of the plane.

- Now take the rear wheels and squeeze them together, which will compress the landing gear latch so that you can insert it into the slot just behind the battery compartment.

- The Wheels on your ZOOM 2 should will look like this. 

Now your undercarriage is all set up for flight. You can easily remove your wheels anytime you fly someplace where the wheels won't work very well... like thick grass..