• 285-1256 SWIFT - 9.6V 320maH LIFE Battery

  • $12.00


For use with 285-1257 SWIFT - USB Charger & USB DC Power Adapter

How to Charge your LiteHawk SWIFT 9.6 volt 320mAh Life Battery

The 2015 version of the LiteHawk SWIFT comes with a USB Charger for the 9.6V Life Battery. Plug this into any USB Port, Computer, T.V. , USB Wall Charger. The SWIFT also comes with a DC power adaptor so that you may charge the battery from a power source in your Car, Boat, or R/V.

      1.Plug the USB Charger into a power source. The Charger's LED lights will light up a solid Red.

       2.Plug the Life Batteries Red connector into the Charging unit, don't force it, it only plugs in one way. The Red LED light will begin to blink on and off.
        3.Charging is complete when the Red LED light turns OFF.

         4.Once charging is complete, unplug the battery from the Charger and unplug the Charger from the USB port.

  • Do not store the battery plugged into the charger
  • It is best to charge your battery fully before using it the first time.
  • Do not leave the battery charging unattended under any circumstances!
  • Do not charge on a flamable surface. For example, do not charge on your sofa, on a carpet, in bed.... please use common sense when charging your product.