• 285-2168 CHARGER XL - 550 Motor

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 For use with LiteHawk CHARGER XL and CHAMPION- A Large Brushed Motor, if you are replacing your motor, you will need to de-solder the motor wires from your old Motor and Solder them to the New Motor. 

  Start with unplugging the two Motor Wires, and taking note of the Water cooling lines and there positions for re-installation, and then unplugging them as well.


Now loosen the Grub screw holding the Flex shaft to the Motor Shaft, and draw the flex shaft away, just a bit, from the motor. Then Loosen the Heavy screws that secure the Motor to the motor mount.. Just loosen them, don't remove them just yet.  Now take out the two screws that are holding the motor mount to the boats inner chassis, and lift both of them out.


Now you can easily remove the two heavy screws that hold it to the motor, and it is free.


If you are replacing the Motor, you might be able to save the Water Jacket. It is glued to the Motor with a Silicone Adhesive. So remove the jackets securing clip, then you will have to carefully pry the Jacket from the old Motor. Clean up the old adhesive really well, then apply new Silicone Adhesive to the motor or the Jacket for re-installation.


To re glue the Jacket to a new motor, attach with the securing clip, then loosely attach the Motor mount, pressing the mount on fully to the locating pins and holding there while you use a pencil to mark where the Jacket sits. That will give you a good Idea where to put a bead of Sealant for the new motor.


Run the bead just inside your pencil line on the Motor, or on the inside of the Jacket itself, being careful not to plug either of the water cooling line holes.


Press the Jacket with sealant in place, secure with clip and Motor Mount so that it is firmly held in place, and let it dry for the recommended time stated on your sealant container. Once dry, Reinstall your Motor in reverse order.

  On your first run with a repaired or replaced water jacket. Take it for a very short run, bring it in and check to see if there have been any leaks.